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Want to hear a splendid story? Immerse yourself in our new masterpiece - chapter by chapter. Uncover the thought behind the arching shape; find out what powers the LAB; learn the characteristics of sapphire crystal. And explore the opportunity to mark your watch with a personal engraving and customize it in almost indefinite ways.

LAB is born out of a collaboration. We wanted to combine our years of expertise with the curled minds of 28 UCN talents. To create a watch that would match current trends yet stay in vogue through times.

With a trained eye for graphic aesthetics, the group of selected students worked on both the logo and dial. And in the end, the most beautiful designs were presented to a group of opinioned people who made the final decision. Logo, dial, straps and hands took their form. LAB was born.

There’s beauty in quality. Not a beauty that will scream for attention, but a profound splendor exuding from the smallest details.

Selecting materials and movement has been one of the most essential tasks in the creation of LAB. And we are darn proud of the result. The precision of the Japanese quartz, the resilience of the surgical steel and the hardness of the sapphire glass make LAB a timepiece that not only lasts a lifetime and beyond - but entails the aesthetic traits of true craft and diligence in every fiber.




The Steel

To ensure the highest corrosion resistance as possible, we’ve used one of the best and most expensive steel qualities in the world, 316L Stainless Steel – also known as surgical steel. For the coloring, we went with a PVD coating instead of regular plating. This means that the color has actually penetrated the surface of the steel and thus won’t likely be worn off by time. 

The sapphire crystal

Life’s unforeseeable – but it shouldn’t leave scratches on your watch. The use of sapphire crystal makes LAB almost untouchable. The material is known for its near diamond hardness that not only makes it extremely scratch-resistant but also provides a superior optical transmission. Sure, it’s 10 times the price of the hardened mineral glass that is usually used on watches in this price range. But we think it’s worth it!

The movement

If you want perfection you go to Japan. And so we did. The LAB Copenhagen is equipped with a VD78 quartz from Seiko - a battery-driven movement with superior precision and operational reliability.

When developing the aesthetic traits of the watch we faced a rather peculiar paradox: How can we combine the classical with the innovative? The timeless with the ever changing? There’s an immense exclusivity to a clean, timeless design where value is stated through premium material. And we wanted to make this classical exclusivity a defining quality of the timepiece.

At the same time, LAB is the most alterable watch you’ll ever encounter; nearly all components are customizable and in the infinite design expressions the watch comes to live. And this organic sensation had to be reflected in the design as well.

To handle the apparent contradiction in our design vision, we made one rule of creation: Don’t break conventions, bend them.

Read on to discover the most significant details of the design.

The watch case is designed by Jens Ole Miang who found a way to accentuate the organic sensation through transitions and shape; The slightly domed sapphire crystal creates a seamless transition to the prominently arching watch case of stainless steel, making the two materials - despite their vast differences - appear as one. This holistic crux further unfolds in the almost invisible shift from case and case back.

In its completed form, the body of the watch appears as an infinite repetition of smooth transitions. No beginning. No end. Just like time.


Case, bezel and crown come in three sleek colors: Steel, PVD Gun and PVD Rose Gold that will all add a luxury feel to the watch. 

Mix them to create an expression that reflects your personality. With its 38 mm in diameter the size of the case makes LAB a unisex model – we won’t let gender dictate your choice. 

At first glance, LAB is a classical beauty. But the details are disrupted. Things that are usually in the foreground are underplayed. The painting has become engravings. The center is decentered. The discrete made prominent. Read on to discover these subtle statements of change.


The dial

In a classic watch you’ll find a 12-hour circle displaying time through the movement of centrally mounted hour-, minute- and second hands. In LAB we’ve split this function in two; seconds are separated from hours and minutes and placed in a small and elegant subdial located beneath the center. This detail is quite costly but it changes the whole dynamic of the design, demonstrating the beauty of eccentricity in a context of the classic. To complete the sensation, we decided to sculpt the 12-hour circle and subdial with oil pressing instead of just printing them on. The dial comes in 10 different color combinations – we’re sure you’ll find one you love.

The logo

While we’ve emancipated the seconds, we’ve underplayed the logo. Usually, watch makers let their logo dominate the design and scream to the world who made it. But we believe that your LAB is your work. All we do is empower and make possible - so our logo should be discrete. We’ve used the same color for logo and dial and made the logo stand out only by the means of the several layers of thick ink that give the writing texture. The result is subtle beauty that entails a long known wisdom: Less is more.

The crown

The logo is also found on the crown. Once again subtle and discrete. And in great contrast to the crown that is twice the size of a regular crown - to highlight the functionality and edge up the design. The regular 3-4 mm has become 6.5 mm. Furthermore, we’ve created a contrast to the arching and seamless design language by slightly moving the crown away from the case and making the top flat. In this way, the crown interrupts the smooth sensation and gives character to the watch.

LAB will empower you to express your personal style. Even when it changes. The many style combinations include 10 different types of straps that, with a quick-change system, allows you to alter your look within seconds, without any tools. Again and again. When seasons change. When occasion change. Or when you change.


The straps

You’ll find 2 straps made of Italian calf leather, 1 strap made of pure grey wool and 7 straps of Italian suede. All with a 316L stainless steel buckle that follows the color of the watch case – and thus follows your choice. All are sewn by hand with tone in tone stitching to support the organic, seamless feel of the watch and all are lined with a soft suede on the back for a luxurious feeling against the skin.

Explore the full list of all your customizing options. You can also move on to our customizing tool to test-drive your favorite design combinations.

The color of time

The shape of the hands has been carefully chosen by our focus group. But it’s up to you to decide the color of time – down to the hour, minute and second.

Choose between 9 different colors for the second hand and 5 different colors for hour- and minute hands.


Nothing’s truly unique before you mark it with your own words. We’ve saved the full back side of the watch case for a personal engraving. The only restriction is the number of characters (up to 4 lines of each 25 characters) so let your imagination run wild. Your watch is delivered with your personal laser engraving at no extra charge – and alongside your message is your watch’s individual serial number. After all, you’re one of a kind.

If you need inspiration on what to write, feel free to grab and modify one of these suggestions:

Every LAB Copenhagen watch comes with a 2-year international warranty. In fact we believe so much in our product that we provide each watch with a 100-day money back guarantee – no questions asked!